Writing – Published Books

Demystifying Gynecomastia
The first comprehensive book on men with breasts. The book is available for purchase at gynecomastia.org.
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Reflections for Managers 
”Reflections for Managers” is the first book Bruce Hyland and I wrote. It is the guide for managers about the basics of how to treat people in the work place. A surprise success, it spawned two additional books.


More Reflections for Managers
The second book in the Reflections series provides additional rules for managers to use and enhance their effectiveness in working with people.



Reflections for the Workplace
The third book in the Reflections series is the guide for employees. Too many people are thrust into the workplace without anyone telling them what is expected. Here are the basics.



When Love Lasts Forever
I edited this book about male couples in long term relationships. Some stories are better written than others. All of them say something about the male couples and the lives they lead.
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